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Three things that every business owner can learn from The Meatball Shop founders

The Meatball Shop founders Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow.

Last Monday, Tribecca had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A hosted by the New York City Hospitality Group with the two founders of the Meatball shop, Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow. Here are three things we learned that is valuable advice for any entrepreneur:

1. Invest in your people.

The meatball guys attribute their success to the development of their corporate culture and the team they have grown behind them. Personally investing the time- (i.e Daniel interviews every chef) leads to finding the best people who can be your brand ambassadors.

2. Hold true to your mission & philosophy as you grow.

The Meatball Shop started with a strong set of guiding principals that still hold true today. They noted there have been plenty of opportunities to cut corners and compromise quality in food or service through their expansion that they did not take. Staying on track with their core philosophy of how and why they are running their business has helped them grow into the brand that they are today.

3. PR is powerful.

Michael and Daniel noted that PR has been one of the key drivers in their success. As the stars of a national chase small business campaign commercial, The Meatball Shop received free advertising that gave brand visibility to a nation full of future customers and investors. They acknowledged however, that PR is an expensive proposition for new restaurant and business owners, but have seen for themselves the power of PR in filling seats in their restaurants and expanding their restaurant.

A tremendous thank you to the New York City Hospitality Group and The Meatball Shop for an inspiring event. Get on the NYCHG list here for future events >

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