What’s New: Instagram Web Profiles

The popular mobile photo sharing app Instagram has just released its first web-based instagram profile system for its users. As instagram fanatics, we at Tribecca are excited about the possibilities for sharing our profile and photos online. This new release has caused some concerns over privacy, as profiles are now very accessible across the web. The new profiles look very similar to Facebook’s timeline feature [not a huge shocker as Facebook now owns them]. You can access anyone’s public profile by typing http://instagram.com/USERNAME (more…)

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Expert Q&A: Audrey Sawaya on Restaurant & Retail Loyalty Programs

Audrey Sawaya is a Senior Account Manager at Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions and for the past eight years has helped her small business clients develop innovative gift and loyalty card programs that drive traffic, increase spending, and develop customer loyalty. We sat down with Audrey to ask her how to effectively implement a customer loyalty program.


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Three things NOT to have on your restaurant website

Bravo Slate magazine! Last month, Farhad Manjoo so eloquently pointed out that restaurant websites are so horribly out of touch with what a customer is looking for on their website. We have been wondering about this ourselves lately…  and have created a top three list of the most annoying features you could have on a restaurant website: (more…)

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How to build your Restaurant’s email marketing list

Although building an email marketing list takes time,
here are some easy ways for you to begin building your list for your restaurant.

Create easy ways to opt-in:
Your customers should have ways to sign up for your email marketing list through all of your marketing channels. Include a subscribe field on your website, add a tab on your Facebook page and include an opt-in checkbox on your online ordering system. Most email management software offer tools for users to automatically subscribe themselves from your website and various social media platforms. (more…)

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How to: Create your personalized URL (or username) for your Facebook fan page

A personalized URL for your facebook page (such as facebook.com/TribeccaDesigns) allows you to easily share your page URL with an easy to remember name. (more…)

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